Friday, October 18, 2013

The Quest for the Perfect Pickle

It all started this summer when my mom and I went grocery shopping on a blistering hot Saturday during one of those infamous New York City heatwaves. You know what I'm talking about.
We were really there to buy some spring water and somehow found ourselves in the aisle where pickles are stocked. I'm not sure what came first-my mom wanting pickles from the get go or wanting pickles after finding herself in front of the countless glass cans. I think it was the latter, because sometimes you just can't help but picture eating a burger...but it needs...a certain something. A good pickle, dang it.
Mom looked around and commanded me to find a good brand of pickles. I was the wrong person to ask as I am not a very big fan of pickles or pickled anything, really. We must have stood there for more than five minutes, hopelessly reading the labels. And this must be said-I felt myself in a pickle, darn it! Finally, I took a glass can of Vlasic, that proudly read "That's one crunchy pickle!" on the cap and walked to pay hoping I made the right decision.
Well, when we came home and tasted a pickle each, we didn't even finish what we had bit into. The pickles were sour, too vinegar-y, yucky and gross and the taste took away from finding whether or not they were indeed crunchy.
Enter the very awesome Tent October 2013 List-an option to order pickles from indie food start-up that really seems to know pickles. I was impressed with the selection but ordering food online is tricky. It's like shopping for jeans. Online. Oh, the horror. I wanted something unusual, but not too unusual, nothing too spicy and something that my mom might like too, so I settled for Lynnae's Sweet Dill Spears from Tacoma, Washington, promising to be sweet and a little tart.
They arrived, I opened them without refrigerating them. Usually, they say the fantasy is better than the reality. But not these. They were the best pickles I had ever tasted. My mom would sometimes come home with a small plastic container of home-made pickles from a polish store in my neighborhood, and those were just OK. Lynnae's Mrs. Pickles pickles are flavor layered: first sweet, then sour, then a bit spicy. Just perfect and taste exactly as I had craved. This is the pickle I had been waiting for my entire life. I recommend them and think sometime in the future I might come back to purchase more. Even my mom likes them, and my mom is one tough, hard to please critic. She knows food and pickles-my grandma and her used to make their own pickled everything when they lived in the mother country-Ukraine-before coming to New York.
Plus, take a look at the super cool packaging, bag and a hand-made note the team provided with the shipment. They also attached a small chocolate sample for me. I really felt special. Good job

Only the best pickles warrant a peace sign.
Look at this cool canvas bag with a small wooden spoon/spatula attached!
My holy grail of pickled goodness!

Thanks for reading an stopping by! Also, please take a look at all the cool seminars the Tent Program has in store for 2014 for all you twenty-something Jewish kids interested in fashion, food, journalism, comedy, music, etc. I had a blast this summer, take a look on why.

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