Saturday, January 25, 2014

When Your Laundry Bin is Full

We have all been guilty of laundry laziness- leaving our dirty clothes off on the side of the room to collect in heaps. We vow to go do it this weekend, but a fun party comes up that only needs us to throw on a sparkly skirt or a dress shirt and we're good to go. Those fancier items, it may seem, are always clean, waiting, beckoning. But when Monday rolls around, we rummage through our reject clean clothing--you know, the clothing we wear to the laundromat--the clothing we are no longer proud of, questioning the designer or our buying decisions. So, our Monday mornings sometimes look like this:
Oy. But if your Monday, or any day, does NOT look like this more power to you! We gift you with an invisible crystal award shaped like Valentino's head, because that man has impeccable clothing. Don't believe us? Read this awesome Harper's Bazaar article:

Friday, January 3, 2014

M'am, Aren't You Cold?

Sometimes we walk around New York City and realize that no, it is not actually the Fashion Capital of the World. Case in point: we saw this woman walking on Madison Ave a few weeks ago and were not sure what she tried to accomplish. Or perhaps...she got dressed in a hurry to deliver the documents in her hands?
In any case, there are many women who think wearing flats any time of the year is perfectly fine.
But here's a rule: if it's cold enough to reach for a fur coat, it is probably smarter and fashion-forward to wear boots. This is just tragic.