Saturday, May 25, 2013

We Just Want...

While experiencing a major sugar rush today in one of those "pile as much candy as you can into this little baggie" stores, (no not Dylan's Candy Bar, we live in Brooklyn), we came across a few vintage-y magnets that we had to share. We will share a few of them in later posts, but we're starting with this one, because while all boys and girls have a list of cliches of what they want in a significant other, this magnet gets right to the point. Love is tough, so please lets make things a bit easier:

Darling, I attest! And so here's just a small list of the things we hate, in case, dear soulmate, you're reading this:

1) Articles with headlines such as "Khloe Kardashian Rocks Super Tight Jeans"
2) People with crazy large backpacks on an already crowded train during rush hour
3) When Starbucks runs out of skim milk. Or whole milk. Or heavy cream. Or napkins. Or the plastic stirrer thing. Or ALL of these things. (Usually this happens at that one Starbucks in Chinatown).
4) People hating on Gary Busey
5) That little spinning color wheel when your Mac freezes.
6) Those store "Rewards" cards where you try to get to 5,000 points for a coupon, but you're always stuck at 330 points because you can only get points on items on this week's promotion. And it's crappy stuff like...Q-tips. The store brand type. Ugh.
7) Paying additional shipping and handling charges for that "Get Second One Free" item on that infomercial. Because honestly, that's how much that thing costs anyway.
8) People next to you who listen to their music crazy loud on the subway. I don't want to hear Justin Bieber's voice this morning. Or kind of ever.
9) Missing the time slot of the "Lunch Special" by two minutes.
10) Season Finales

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